Smart & Final Store #705 | Corona, CA

Project Size: $3.3 Million | 26,000 SF

This $3.3 million new construction project will be 1 of 4 buildings developed on the approximately 7.3 acre lot. CWC coordinated efforts with neighboring contractors to ensure a safe, efficient site. The new Smart & Final building was comprised of an intricate hybrid steel and wood web truss system and increased structural reinforcements due to seismic zoning. 

Smart & Final Store #794 | Azusa, CA

Project Size: $5.2 Million | 30,000 SF

This $5.2 million new construction project consists of the development of the 1.85 acre site for a new 30,000 SF Smart & Final with a retro Route 66 aesthetic. The on and offsite development included a 3,000 SF Stormtech storm drain infiltration system, over 400 LF of new 8" water main, and exterior improvements for an adjacent restaurant. 

Target Stores Family Restroom Additions | Mutliple Locations

Project Size: $4.2 Million

As part of the Target Family Restrooms Program, CWC completed 28 restroom addition projects at 28 different locations in under 13 weeks. These 28 locations were spread out between California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The scope of work varied from remodels of existing facilities to new construction of a standalone lavatories for family use. 

Smart & Final Store #782 | Petaluma, CA

Project Size: $4.2 Million | 29,500 SF

This $4.2 million new construction project involved 1,833 yards of export due to unsuitable soils and use of soils stabilizing fabric. Local artists created pieces that were incorporated into the building's exterior and throughout the site to accent the design and bring a sense of community this location. 

De Portolla Executive Offices Suites 101 & 205 | Temecula, CA

Project Size: $800 Thousand | 3,483 SF

This $800 thousand multi-level executive office tenant improvement project included (2) suites, (8) offices, (2) breakrooms, (2) conference rooms, (2) lobbies, an IT room, electrical room, elevator/mechanical room, and storage area.

De Portolla Medical Counseling Offices | Temecula, CA

Project Size: $1.2 Million | 5,648 SF

This $1.2 million medical and counseling offices tenant improvement project was comprised of (3) new therapists offices, (3) group rooms, (3) patient rooms, (2) conference rooms, (4) manager’s offices, (2) intake rooms, (2) lobbies, and a state-of-the-art client lounge including all associated plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. 

Enterprise Car Rental | Cathedral City, CA

Project Size: $465.5 Thousand | 1,900 SF

Add This $465.5 thousand tenant improvement project consisted of 1,900 SF of new offices, HVAC systems, lighting, and finishes. Exterior improvements included new ADA accessible path of travel, drive approach, and trash enclosure, as well as parking lot repairs and upgrades. Testimonial here

AAA RV Self Storage | Coachella, CA

Project Size: $420 Thousand | 1,900 SF

This $420 thousand tenant improvement project consisted of grading, paving, gravel RV parking areas, retention basin, drywell, site walls, site lighting, and fencing.

Enterprise Car Rental | Redlands, CA

Project Size: $775 Thousand | 2,324 SF

This $775 thousand tenant improvement project included new office space, accessible restroom, new interior car wash and detail center, along with new doors and windows throughout. Exterior improvements encompassed new 6’ decorative iron fence along the parking lot perimeter, retrofit and new LED parking lot lights, drought tolerant landscaping, resurfacing and striping, and new accessible van parking. 

Enterprise Car Rental | Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Project Size: $325 Thousand | 4,108 SF

This $325 thousand tenant improvement project included new office space, storage room space, (2) new accessible restrooms, new detached car cleaning facility, parking lot repairs and ADA upgrades, as well as new exterior signage. 

Haggen Conversion Program | Multiple Locations

Project Size: $5.1 Million

CWC converted 10 Haggen Food & Pharmacy stores into Smart & Final locations in less than 5 months. These conversion projects consisted of comprehensive interior and exterior improvements. Several locations received new or upgraded storefront and auto doors packages, loading docks, HVAC systems, grocery freezers and grease interceptors. 

TA Travel Center of America | Tonopah, AZ

Project Size: $1.3 Million

This $1.3 million project will bring the existing Travel Center Truck Stop and fueling station into compliance with the Maricopa County Drainage Regulations.


Work consists of a comprehensive underground stormwater retention including all necessary grading and excavation. The site will also receive a new asphalt parking lot.

85 Degrees Bakery | San Diego, CA

Project Size: $1 Million | 3,000 SF

This $1 million new construction project of a 3,000 SF single story commercial shell building is being built to the needs of the future tenant the “85 Degrees Bakery”.


The new building location is within an existing shopping center and requires all grading and new underground utilities.


Per owner request, the project schedule will be expedited and construction completion will be within 5 months.

Smart & Final Store #727 | Compton, CA

Project Size: $1.6 Million | 38,410 SF

This $1.6 million project was built to 2013 Title 24 requirements.


New lighting and electrical systems were installed throughout building’s interior and exterior. New mechanical, refrigeration, and plumbing systems and fixtures were also provided. These upgrades included a new gas main with a point of connection in the adjacent City street.


The storefront received a new automatic entry system, canopy, sidewalks, façade, and relocated ramp and truncated domes.

Smart & Final Store #723 | Fairfield, CA

Project Size: $1.7 Million | 31,500 SF

This $1.7 million tenant improvement project was completed concurrently with the renovation of the entire shopping center.


The interior remodel provided new service departments, demising walls, suspended walls, doors and finishes, cases and coolers, restrooms, breakroom, and offices. A new design-build fire sprinkler system was fitted throughout the building.

Smart & Final Store #718 | Coachella, CA

Project Size: $2.6 Million | 32,674 SF

This $2.6 million project encompassed a complete interior remodel, exterior overhaul, and major site improvements.

The interior received new concrete slabs throughout, 4 new coolers and 1 new freezer, 3 new offices, 1 new breakroom, new produce prep and rotisserie rooms, and new employee and customer restrooms. All new mechanical and refrigeration systems were also installed and the entry/exit doors were replaced with a new automatic storefront system.


The exterior and site improvements entailed the construction of a covered loading dock and trash enclosure, as well as stone veneer building facades, accessible paths of travel, new ramp and curbs at the adjacent highway entrance, new parking lot layout, and landscaping throughout.

Cash & Carry Store #587 | Portland, OR

Project Size: $3.1 Million | 34,764 SF

This $3.1 million project encompassed on and off site development, interior and exterior improvements, and the conversion of an existing 1 story warehouse into a covered garage with natural ventilation and a complete fire sprinkler system.


The future store building was initially utilized as a warehouse, leaving an empty canvas for the tenant improvement process. The completed store boasted all new offices, restrooms, service and prep departments, flooring, and décor. The exterior façade received a new canopy feature and existing truck well was replaced with a recessed truck well.


New City sidewalks were poured and an existing driveway was relocated as part of the offsite improvements and involved working closely with the City of Portland to meet their standards for public works.

Smart & Final Store #725 | Spring Valley, CA

Project Size: $1.9 Million | 36,553 SF

This $1.9 million, 36,553 SF project was built to 2013 Title 24 standards. The building received new plumbing and mechanical systems and fixtures, new lighting and electrical systems, a design-build fire sprinkler system, new TPO roofing, the existing exterior canopy was modified, extended, and resurfaced, and the existing trash enclosure was upgraded.


The scope of this project was performed in conjunction with upgrades throughout the shopping center performed by the landlord’s contractor. Work was coordinated and phased accordingly.

Smart & Final Store #434 | Long Beach, CA

Project Size: $1.6 Million | 24,683 SF

This $1.6 million project included the new construction of approximately 1,000 SF of new services rooms, restrooms, and employee areas.


Interior tenant improvements accomplished a new store look and feel with new departments, doors, fixtures, coolers, lighting, and décor. Additional structural columns and beams were also required for these interior improvements.

Externally the building received a new entry canopy and façade finishes.

Smart & Final Store #701 | Rancho Cordova, CA

Project Size: $1.7 Million | 30,042 SF

This $1.7 million tenant improvement project focused on the building interior with only minimal exterior work that consisted of new cart corrals and a permanent cover for the existing loading dock.


Interior slabs were removed and replaced in preparation for the new sales floor layout, coolers and freezers, offices and restrooms, and service and prep departments. New MEP and refrigeration systems were installed throughout.

Smart & Final Store #580 | Santa Ana, CA

Project Size: $1.7 Million | 32,783 SF

This $1.7 million project began with a comprehensive demolition, including the concrete slab throughout and exterior sidewalks.


The rebuild encompassed all departments, offices, coolers and freezers, MEP and refrigeration systems, restrooms, skylights, cart corrals, automatic storefront system, exterior canopy, exterior lighting, 2 exit ramps, ADA compliant sidewalks and parking, several planters, and a trash enclosure.

Smart & Final Store #317 | La Puente, CA

Project Size: $1.2 Million | 25,771 SF

This $1.2 million project encompassed the complete interior demolition including the concrete slab throughout. The new slab was placed in a monolithic pour using laser-controlled pouring techniques (Laser Screed). This monolithic pour saved time and funds with a single mobilization.


A design-build fire sprinkler system along with all new MEP and refrigeration systems and fixtures were installed at each of the new service and prep departments, offices, restrooms, storage areas.  


The exterior received Smart & Final signage at 4 separate locations.

Smart & Final Store #482 | Whittier, CA

Project Size: $1.7 Million | 30,306 SF

This $1.7 million project included interior and exterior improvements as well as major site enhancements.


The interior remodel was comprised of new service and prep departments, cooler boxes, restrooms, breakroom, curtain walls, general painting, and new fixtures, finishes, and signage.


The site work and exterior upgrades included new sidewalks and parking modifications for ADA compliance, 5 parking lot light poles, 2 new cart corrals, new stone veneer at building facades, new rollup door at receiving, and modifications to the existing roof and canopy.

Smart & Final Store #305 | San Dimas, CA

Project Size: $1.6 Million | 45,721 SF

This $1.6 million project involves interior and exterior improvements.


The remodel of the interior provided new service departments, partition walls, suspended walls, doors and finishes, cases and coolers, restrooms, breakroom, and offices.


The storefront received a new canopy with lighting package, new automatic entry/exit doors, infill of existing openings, ADA compliant sidewalks and ramps, and new building and monument signage.

Ralphs Store #198 | Los Angeles, CA

Project Size: $1.6 Million | 44,996 SF

This $1.6 million 2-story remodel project located in the heart of Los Angeles presented several unique obstacles. CWC overcame these issues by adapting to the site, utilizing service elevators and escalators, and performing the majority of our scope afterhours.  With limited site accessibility and an active parking structure beneath this 26,191 SF project, safety was of utmost importance throughout construction to close-out.


The remodel produced a new store layout, service departments, offices, employee areas, and a new Starbucks kiosk.  

Ralph’s Store #212 | Point Loma, CA

Project Size: $1.8 Million | 26,191 SF

This $1.8 million project demolished the existing building to its frame, including interior concrete slabs and exterior sidewalks. Structural remodeling and reinforcement was subsequently required.


The complete interior remodel encompassed all sales floor, food prep and service areas, warehouse and receiving areas, employee breakrooms and lockers, and a new mezzanine for management and IT use. All new MEP and refrigeration systems were installed including underground utilities where necessary.


Once erected, exterior walls received new lath and plaster while the existing loading dock was removed and replaced to accommodate the store’s future needs.

Ralph’s Store #39 | Los Angeles, CA

Project Size: $2.5 Million | 48,716 SF

This $2.5 million tenant improvement project included modifying existing structural layout as well as an exterior façade remodel and new storefront system.


All new MEP and refrigeration systems were installed with associated fixtures and included a new lighting layout and systems through the building. A new décor theme and signage was also introduced to this existing store.

Ralph’s Store #201 | San Diego, CA

Project Size: $2.8 Million | 57,517 SF

This $2.8 million multifaceted tenant improvement project commenced and concluded within 4 months’ time.


Located in a bustling shopping center at a high-traffic intersection, this accelerated schedule required an elevated logistics plan throughout the construction process.


The building received a complete roof replacement including several skylights, new design-build fire sprinkler system, demo and new construction of exterior facades, new loading dock with trash enclosure and mechanical yard, as well as a comprehensive interior remodel.

Northgate Markets Store #36 | San Diego, CA

Project Size: $2.4 Million | 42,625 SF

This $2.4 million tenant improvement project included a new 2-truck loading dock, the demo and new construction of exterior facades, and a new 1,560 SF mezzanine.


The 41,245 SF ground floor received new service and preparation departments, ADA restrooms and lockers, cooler and freezer boxes, security office, manager’s office, and outdoor seating area.

Smart Co. Store #501 | Denver, CO

Project Size: $1.2 Million | 59,497 SF

This $1.2 million project renovated the sales floor of an existing Albertson’s grocery store to fit Smart Co.’s needs and theme.


This transformation included new bulk foods stations, décor, and signage. The existing deli prep and cooler are relocated and replaced with new.


The building also received new customer and employee restrooms, breakroom, and offices.

Northgate Markets Store #32 | Compton, CA

Project Size: $1.9 Million | 26,676 SF

This $1.9 million tenant improvement project consisted of all new service and preparation areas including a bakery, deli, and tortilla departments, new restrooms, janitor’s room, employee breakroom, and new MEP and refrigeration systems. The market also received minor aesthetic improvements such as painting, signage, and fixtures.


Exterior work involved the provision of an accessible path of travel and ADA parking upgrades.

Northgate Markets Store #23 | Wilmington, CA

Project Size: $1.7 Million | 15,000 SF

This $1.7 million new construction and renovation project was built in less than 3 months per the client’s request for an expedited schedule.


This project included the partial demolition, new construction, and remodel of a single story 14,300 SF market with a 700 SF mezzanine.  Scope consisted of all new MEP systems, new service and preparation departments and site work to achieve ADA compliance.

Ralph's Store 108 | La Jolla, CA

Project Size: $315 Thousand | 60,000 SF

This $315 thousand tenant improvement project was completed on time and under budget despite extreme constraints. Located on the second floor, plumbing and electrical scope required access and coordination with the suites and tenants below. This project also required coordination with the property management team and several sub-tenants including Wells Fargo, Golden Spoon, a postal annex, and dry cleaners.


The store encompassed a new pharmacy with a waiting area and specialty equipment, new HVAC systems and ducting, 7 cooler boxes, 3 freezers, 4 offices, 1 conference room, 1employee lounge, 1 computer room and 2 mechanical rooms.

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